VacMaster PRO350 Reviews

VacMaster PRO 350 Reviews
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Review Summary:

Before I bought this machine, I had almost been used to getting frustrate by the vacuum sealers I had purchased in the past. I use vacuum sealers on a regular basis, and so my kitchen can't stay without one but before getting the VacMaster PRO350 I had nothing positive to say about vacuum sealers.

I tried buying even the most expensive ones, but there was always something negative about each one of them that left me sad. I have used the VacMaster to do about 100 seals now and am yet to see anything negative about it. The automatic features and the function that lets you choose the sealing time have made things easier for me and nowadays proper storage of the leftovers is least of my worries.

VacMaster PRO350 Reviews

Features and SpecificationsVacMaster PRO350 Reviews (3)

  • Made from a hard stainless steel body for longer durability.
  • Uses advanced digital technology with a clear LED display panel
  • It has a manual and automatic operation mode to make it easy and convenient to operate.
  • The VacMaster PRO350 has an adjustable cycle time that lets you select the preffered sealing time.
  • The overall dimensions of the vacuum sealer are 15″x12″x4.”
  • Comes fitted with an integral fan for cooling the vacuum pump to ensure continuous use.
  • Uses a powerful dual piston pump to give it a higher vacuum capability.

How to Use VacMaster PRO 350

VacMaster PRO350 Reviews (4)This machine is straightforward to use. First you need to place the food into a bag. With the corrugated side of the bag on the bottom put the bag on the seal (halfway into the trough area). After closing the lid press down slightly and push the seal button and the machine will begin pulling air out of the bag. Once the maximum possible vacuum is reached the machine will seal the bag with a primary and secondary seal. For the other modes like the Marinate Mode, the process is the same but you will press the Marinate button instead to tell the machine what needs to be done.


This machine will help keep your food fresh five times longer than other storage methods without having to add anything foreign to the food. Another benefit is that this machine works faster than most of the others, and so you can seal more food with a shorter period.


  1. The design of this machine gives it the capacity to handle regular and continuous use without frequent breakdowns.
  2. The see through coverlid makes it easy to monitor the sealing process as the user can see what is going on inside.
  3. Has a simple control panel that can be used to customize your own modes of sealing for faster operation.
  4. Easy and enjoyable to clean thanks to the wide spill container.
  5. Comes with unique features like rapid marinating and pulse vacuuming.


  1. The VacMaster PRO350 is quite expensive but with the services it offers it is worth every coin spent on it.
  2. Due to its weight and dimensions it requires a permanent position in the kitchen which makes it quite rigid.


VacMaster PRO350 reviewThe VacMaster PRO350 has been tested and proven to be the best in its class. Besides from the few shortcomings that one can easily overcome it has very many advantages. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to buy a kitchen appliance that will never disappoint them.

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