FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealer Reviews



FoodSaver FM2100
FoodSaver FM2100 review
  1.  It minimizes the use of the bag materials for about 40% than it is normally used in traditional Food saver units.
  2. It comes with both moist and dry food settings which will allow a better sealing control.
  3. It also provides a roll cutter along with roll storage where you can store a certain amount of roll.
  4. It is perfect for counter top as it does not take much space. It can be easily stored and also comes with a space saving vertical design.
  5. It comes with a great 5 years complete warranty which is pretty much good for you.
  6. The user operation is quite easy to use and you can preserve varieties of foods too with this technology.
  7. It comes with all the other necessary accessories that are needed for a better operation.
  8. Many customers have bought this product and the FoodSaver FM2100 are really great and satisfying.


FoodSaver FM2100 vacuum sealer
FoodSaver FM2100 vacuum sealer

According to the FoodSaver FM2100 reviews, people are highly satisfied with the products and has got a lot of relief. Storing the excess foods is a really complicated decision and with the help of this FoodSaver FM2100 you will be able to keep the food fresh for 5 times long period than in normal condition. So, what are you thinking about? Want to save the food from getting wasted along with your money spent on the foods? Then buy this product and feel free to store various types foods without any kind of hassle and tension.

Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Review

How to operate this vacuum sealer ?

It can be operated and maintained easily. You only need to keep your food items in the given bag and place it in the storage channel and then close the latch. And the other things will be taken care by the vacuum sealer itself.Foodsaver v2244 review


The food saver 2244 Vacuum sealer comes with everything this is required for the safe storing of the food. Here are the some specific features of the 2244 vacuum sealer:Foodsaver 2244 review

  1. Crush free control: Crush free control helps the storage of delicate food without crushing.
  2. Stores food for a longer time: The provided storage bags are strong enough to store any kind of food such as meat, poultry, and cheese. And that also keeps your food fresh for a longer time.
  3. Double-wide sealing strip: There is also a double-wide sealing strip for giving a secure closure to your food items.
  4. Compact sealing structure: Compact sealing process makes the storing process easy.
  5. Anti- bacterial drip tray: The food saver 2244 vacuum sealer comes with removable drip tray which is washable, easy to clean and also easy to maintain.
  6. Manually operated: This vacuum sealer is operated manually and the operation process is also easy.
  7. Quiet and comfortable sealing: This food saver takes only a few seconds to be sealed and the sealing process is quiet and comfortable.
  8. Accessory port: The accessory port can be used for multiple purposes such as storing food items in mason jars and with other food accessories.
  9. Accessory hose: This device is used to remove all air from the sealed bags for keeping the food fresh and delicious.


Foodsaver 2244The FoodSaver 2244 vacuum sealer is definitely worth buying because of its nice design, easy operating and handling the process. Foodsaver 2244 reviews also focus on the durability and easy operating system of this food sealer and suggest buying this one for safe food storage.

Vacmaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacmaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

I hate wasting food, but I also like eating fresh food no matter how long I have to store it and so am always looking for a machine that will help me achieve both. In my search for the best vacuum sealer, I came across the Vacmaster VP120 and just by looking at its stainless steel firm body I could tell there was something special about it. And when I got to use it the results that I got from this two cylinder piston pump machine were impressive. Apart from getting the job done fast, it also makes perfect seals thanks to the double seal and so you never have to worry about not getting a seal right. And with many other excellent features, this is one of the best vacuum sealers that you will ever use.

Vacmaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Features and Specifications

  • Digital Control and Pressure Indicator: The digital control panel is easy to read and use for better control of the sealing process. The pressure indicator has also been designed to make it possible to read even from a distance.
  • 2 Cylinder Piston Pump: VP120 functions with a two cylinder piston pump that gives it an incredible power but the best thing is that it requires no maintenance at all, and so you will not have to spend an extra coin on it.
  • Body: This vacuum sealer has a stainless steel body for maximum durability. Apart from durability, stainless steel also makes it more aesthetically appealing and so it will look beautiful in your kitchen.
  • Seal Bar: It has an 11.5 removable seal bar that lets you seal wider mouth pouches with ease. It also has a double seal wire that ensures that you get a seal that is twice as sturdy as other machines.
  • Cycle Time: This sealer has a cycle time of between thirty and sixty seconds and hence offering you versatility, speed and the freedom to choose how a seal is done depending on the particular food you are storing.
  • Automatic Lid: You don’t have to worry about the top as it is not only transparent to help you monitor sealing, but it also closes when you push the start button.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The total weight of this machine is 58 pounds while its dimensions are 19.25 x 16.75 x 9.5 inches and that of the chamber are 11.75x 11.5x 4 inches.
  • Pouches: When you buy the VP120 you get 75 bags free as a starter package. And so you can start using the machine immediately you buy as it comes with everything needed to vacuum seal food.

Vacmaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The VacMaster VP120 is one of the best vacuum sealers ever made, and it has been designed to cater for all your storage and vacuuming needs. It will also last for many years without any breakdowns or need for regular maintenance and hence making it one of the best machines to own. The fact that it can get the job done fast and efficiently is enough to convince anyone to buy it. And although it may cost much more than others in the market the value that you get from it will justify the cost. Whether you vacuum seal food regularly or occasionally, this is a wonderful machine to have in your kitchen.