Seal-a-meal FSSMSL0160 Vacuum Sealer Review

Seal-a-meal FSSMSL0160 Review
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  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Appearance
    Editor: 80%
  • Value
    Editor: 80%
  • Food Freshness
    Editor: 90%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

Whether you have an upcoming party, you want to store leftovers, or you are preparing for winter you need to find a good way to package your food for proper storage. The Seal-a-meal FSSMSL0160 will assist you wrap your food and hence making sure that it remains fresh for a long time. This vacuum sealer utilizes an advanced technology to seal in your food and so you never have to worry about it going bad. However, what makes it more commendable is its efficiency and ease of use. The FSSMSL0160 is a simple machine in appearance and performance, and so you should have no trouble figuring it out. The fact that it is made by a reputable manufacturer and an industry leader is one more reason you need it in your kitchen.

Seal a meal FSSMSL0160


If you are one of those people that like buying things according to their design, then this product will appeal to you. The elegant color combination and the carefully done finishing makes it stand out from the rest.

In terms of operation, this device comes only with one button that does everything. This button is used for opening the device and also for canceling an action. Add this to the press or hold release system and you have yourself a very easy to use machine.

Dimension-wise there is nothing unique about it as it is almost similar to others in its class. This machine weighs 4.1 pounds, has a width of 4.5 inches, a height of 16.38 inches and a depth of 6.9 inches. The small dimension and weight makes it a very portable machine.

In case you forget to shut it down after use, you should not worry much since it has an Auto Shut-off feature. The machine will automatically shut down if left idle for long and so it will not consume unnecessary energy when not in use.

As a quality assurance, this machine comes with a one year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.


  • This device has an incredible sturdiness that helps prevent accidents that may lead to injuries or damages to the machine.
  • It has a liquid catch retainer that is very helpful when one is packaging oily or watery foods. Without the retainer, things can become very messy and so it is a welcomed addition to this fantastic machine.
  • With this machine, you never have to keep on looking or guessing where the end of a sealing bag is because it has light indicators that will let you know.
  • The FSSMSL0160 is also very affordable. Compared to the quality of service you get from this machine then it is worth much more than its market price.
  • This sealer comes with a manual and 4-quart bags to make everything simpler for you.


  • The short cord may hinder free movement.
  • This device can't be used to seal foods with a lot of liquid and so you have to find ways to dry the food first.
  • It can be very challenging when used to seal stews and broths.


While the Seal-a-meal FSSMSL0160 might have a few shortcomings, it is still a great machine. As a matter of fact, the few demerits can be easily overcome. The sleek design, performance, and durability makes it one of the best sealers for your rations in the market. Due to this fact I would highly recommend it for any person who wants a reliable and durable machine. Make a wise decision and order one today.