Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Review

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Foodsaver V2244 Review
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Review Summary:

Foodsaver 2244 Vacuum Sealer is a device that is used for a safe and easy storage of food. This vacuum sealer is helpful for long-term storage in the freezer and short-term storage in the fridge. The sleek design, easy adaptability and storage have made Foodsaver 2244 vacuum sealer a popular home appliance.


  • The foodsaver vacuum sealer is strong and long lasting, works perfectly for your purpose and easily cross the one-year warranty period.
  • The system is manually operated. Hence, there is no confusion about its operating process. Anyone can operate with ease.
  • The foodsaver 2244 vacuum sealer operates quietly without disturbing daily activities.
  • The drips tray puts an automatic stop when there is any extra liquid while sealing the bags. The drip tray is easy to remove and also washable and that makes the maintenance of this system easy.


  • Unlike the other foodsaver vacuum sealer, the foodsaver 2244 does not work on vacuum zipper bags that might not be that helpful for those who prefer those kinds of seal bags.
  • This system cannot operate automatically. Those who want automatic foodsaver vacuum sealer to save their time and to pay less attention to its working process, they might not prefer it for its manual working process.
  • Like other vacuum sealer, this vacuum sealer does not have a marinating facility and that does not suit many customers.

How to operate this vacuum sealer ?

It can be operated and maintained easily. You only need to keep your food items in the given bag and place it in the storage channel and then close the latch. And the other things will be taken care by the vacuum sealer itself.Foodsaver v2244 review


The food saver 2244 Vacuum sealer comes with everything this is required for the safe storing of the food. Here are the some specific features of the 2244 vacuum sealer:Foodsaver 2244 review

  1. Crush free control: Crush free control helps the storage of delicate food without crushing.
  2. Stores food for a longer time: The provided storage bags are strong enough to store any kind of food such as meat, poultry, and cheese. And that also keeps your food fresh for a longer time.
  3. Double-wide sealing strip: There is also a double-wide sealing strip for giving a secure closure to your food items.
  4. Compact sealing structure: Compact sealing process makes the storing process easy.
  5. Anti- bacterial drip tray: The food saver 2244 vacuum sealer comes with removable drip tray which is washable, easy to clean and also easy to maintain.
  6. Manually operated: This vacuum sealer is operated manually and the operation process is also easy.
  7. Quiet and comfortable sealing: This food saver takes only a few seconds to be sealed and the sealing process is quiet and comfortable.
  8. Accessory port: The accessory port can be used for multiple purposes such as storing food items in mason jars and with other food accessories.
  9. Accessory hose: This device is used to remove all air from the sealed bags for keeping the food fresh and delicious.


Foodsaver 2244The FoodSaver 2244 vacuum sealer is definitely worth buying because of its nice design, easy operating and handling the process. Foodsaver 2244 reviews also focus on the durability and easy operating system of this food sealer and suggest buying this one for safe food storage.

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